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Environmental Policy

USL has a long term commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We believe, as responsible corporate citizens, we must address the issues of environmentally sustainable practices relating to all aspects of our business demonstrating care, respect, and compassion for our people, the broader community and the environment.

Programme objectives

To create a sustainability programme that delivers tangible results whilst increasing all members of staff, family and customers' awareness of USL's drive for sustainability.

USL Medical will:

  • Meet or exceed compliance requirements with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations, and those agreements to which USL Medical is a signatory.
  • In conjunction with local, national and other agencies, promote and raise awareness of good environmental management policies and practices among staff and other stakeholders. 
  • Set, monitor and review objectives and targets to continually improve and review our environmental performance.
  • Reduce consumption of energy and minimise waste through internal fuel, power and waste to landfill environmental impact reduction programmes. 
  • Ensure our procurement activities take into account environmental impacts for supplies and services sourced from New Zealand and overseas. 
  • Ensure this Environmental Policy is communicated as appropriate to all our stakeholders, and all visitors and people working on our premises.
  • Encourage all employees to participate in efforts to protect and improve the environment. 
  • Provide training to all employees to ensure they have appropriate knowledge on how to reduce our impact on the environment.

Environmentally aware

Our aim is to incorporate our policies for the environment into all projects and continue to improve our efficiency and standards.
We will continue to have a smoke free environment and encourage staff to continue this within their own homes.
We will encourage staff to use recycling and other energy efficient practices in their home life as a follow on from what we practice at USL Medical.
Please be assured that USL Medical is very genuinely committed to the conservation, protection and enhancement of our environment, and we conduct our activities with a high standard of environmental care and are committed to the reduction and prevention of pollution.
Accordingly, we place similar expectations on our suppliers and encourage all suppliers to support sustainable practices, and adopt a similar process of continuous improvement in the sourcing of products.

USL is committed to continually improving its environmental protection measures in the workplace, taking account of the latest knowledge, while bearing economic criteria in mind.
USL shall inform employees, customers and the public about its internal environmental policy.  This information shall be made available by the intranet/internet.
Product supply
Products can be shipped directly from Auckland and Christchurch so that there is no additional requirement to transfer product between the North Island and South Island.
Freight - PBT and USL
Over the last year, USL has worked closely with PBT to manage and continually improve the order delivery and fulfilment of shipments to PBT.  Some of the initiatives that have been implemented and have subsequently cut 'waste' out of the process are:
Agreed order placement days
Agreed order delivery day and timeframe
Split order placement by bulk (pallet) fast moving lines and    standard carton lines
Waste management
Turn off power when not in use.
Use energy efficient bulbs when possible.
Recycle ink cartridges for office printers - collected by a specialised company.
Recycling bins at convenient places in office for cans, bottles and plastic.
Regular collection for recycling of paper rubbish.
Hazardous waste sorted and separated into a specific bin.
Encourage staff to use electronic forms of communication over paper based ones.
Food waste is collected in pig bin.

Email and Web
We have a strong commitment to use technology to increase efficiency in our workplace practices.
Use our website and email systems to keep customers up to date with changes in our services rather than paper based information trails.
Stationery for internal use to be recycled where appropriate.
Have as preferred suppliers those with environmental policies and a commitment to recycling.
The cleaning products that we use will all be environmentally friendly and minimise pollutants.
Order confirmations sent electronically.
Price list sent electronically on website.
Business documents sent electronically.
Brochures made available on our website.
Promotions development in electronic version.
Faxes received on a computer server, printed on demand.
Printing emails limited to filing needs.
Staff encouraged to use duplex for all multi-page printing.


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